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fangirl challenge completed ! (kind-of)
so basically, yet again, i do not have the patience to complete a meme and have chosen my favourites to fulfil. hence, i’m ending it as it is. this challenge has prompted some of my best works, so yeah, i do adore it.

15 pairings
10 male characters
10 female characters
7 funniest scenes
7 heartbreaking scenes/moments
5 heroes
5 villains
10 movies
10 tv shows
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fangirl challenge: [10/10] tv shows => grey’s anatomy (2005)

The body can be stubborn when it comes to accepting change. The mind holds out hope that the body can be whole again. The mind will always fight for whole, tooth and nail. Until it finds a way of understanding this new reality, and accepts that what is gone is gone forever.
Meredith Grey
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fangirl challenge: [10/10] movies => fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer (2007)

You’re right. I didn’t. I stayed in and studied like a good little nerd. And fifteen years later, I’m one of the greatest minds of the 21st century. I’m engaged to the hottest girl on the planet. And the big jock who played football in high school, he standing right in front of me asking me for my help, and I say he’s not going to get a damn thing, unless he does exactly what I say and starts treating me and my friends with some respect.
Reed Richards
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fangirl challenge: [9/10] tv shows => crime scene investigation: las vegas (2000)

I’ve been trying to believe that people can change, even people that are damaged, but I don’t know if they can. I just don’t know.
Gilbert Grissom
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fangirl challenge: [9/10] movies => marvel’s the avengers (2012)

But let’s do a head count here: your brother the demi-god; a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breath-taking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them. There’s no throne, there is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it’s too much for us but it’s all on you. Because if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn well sure we’ll avenge it!
Tony Stark/Iron Man
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fangirl challenge: [8/10] tv shows => the big bang theory (2007)

I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested!
Sheldon Cooper
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fangirl challenge: [8/10] movies => iron man 2 (2010)

Well, you can forget it. I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over myself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you’re in. You can’t have it.
Tony Stark/Iron Man
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fangirl challenge: [7/10] tv shows => modern family (2009)

There are dreamers and there are realists in this world. You’d think the dreamers would find the dreamers and the realists would find the realists but more often than not, the opposite is true. You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists, well without the dreamers, they might not ever get off the ground.
Cameron Tucker
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fangirl challenge: [7/10] movies => big mommas: like father, like son (2011)

Child, like my Aunt Yorima used to say: It’s better to be alone with yourself for the rest of your life, than to be together with bad company for a minute.
Big Momma/Malcolm Turner
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fangirl challenge: [6/10] tv shows => sherlock (2010)

I’m not a psychopath, I’m a highly functioning sociopath. Do your research.
Sherlock Holmes
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