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2012’s top 5 new otps => rumplestiltskin/mr. gold & belle
portrayed by robert carlyle & emilie de ravin in once upon a time (abc studios)

belle: oh my—i’m so sorry, it is chipped. you can hardly see it.
rumplestiltskin/ it’s just a cup.
rumplestiltskin/ it is simple really, my power means more to me than you.
belle: no, it doesn’t. you just don’t think i can love you. now you’ve made your choice and you’re going to regret it forever. all you have is an empty heart and a chipped cup.
prince charming: you? you love someone?
rumplestiltskin/ it was a brief flicker of light amidst the notion of darkness.
prince charming: what happened?
rumplestiltskin/ she died. that’s the thing about true love, dearie. it can slip through your fingers.
jefferson/mad hatter: there’s a man. his name is mr. gold. find him. all you have to do is to tell him where you’ve been and that regina locked you up. he’s gonna protect you but you have to tell him regina locked you up. you understand?
belle: yes, i have to find mr. gold.

a bonus pairing to this meme. a beautiful unique rendition of beauty & the beast. rumbelle is a heart-jerker.

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2012’s top 5 new otps => clint barton & phil coulson
portrayed by jeremy renner & clark gregg in the avengers/thor

coulson: barton, talk to me.
barton: do you want me to slow him down, sir or are you sending in more guys for him (thor) to beat up?
coulson: i’ll let you know.
barton: you better call it, coulson cause i’m starting to root for this guy (thor).

my number one (new) otp of 2012, hands-down.

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2012’s top 5 new otps => derek hale & stiles stilinski
portrayed by tyler hoechlin & dylan o’brien in teen wolf (mtv)

Derek: no, no, no, don’t even think about it.
Stiles: dude, won’t you even trust me just this once?
Derek: no.
Stiles: i’m the one keeping you alive, have you notice that?
Derek: yea—once the paralysis wears off, who’s going to be able to fight that thing? you or me?
Stiles: so that’s why I’ve been holding you up for the past two hours?
Derek: you don’t trust me, i don’t trust you. but you need me to survive which is why you’re not letting me go.
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2012’s top 5 new otps => tony stark/iron man & loki
portrayed by robert downey jr & tom hiddleston in the avengers, iron man ½, thor

Tony Stark: Let’s do a headcount here. Your brother, the demigod. A super soldier, a living legend who kinds of living up to the legend. A man with breath-taking anger management issues. A couple of master assassins. And you, you manage to piss off every single one of them.
Loki: That was the plan.
Tony Stark: Not a great plan. When they come, and they will, they will come for you
Loki: I have an army.
Tony Stark: We have a hulk.
Loki: Oh—the beast that wanders off?
Tony Stark: You’re missing the point. There’s no throne, there’s no version of this where you come up on top. Maybe your army comes, maybe it’s too much for us but it’s all on you. Cause if we can’t protect the earth, you’ll be damn sure we will avenge it.

i’m still trying to wrap my head around this fandom but i love this pairing so much. in my mind, tony will always be there to point out or poke holes in one of the many world-domination plans loki has. they are flawed to the brim (mostly stemmed from daddy issues) but they manage to make it work. i think that’s what make me heart frostiron. i’m only weeks-old noobie but i’m liking this fandom. it’s so pretty.

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2012’s top 5 new otps => nick burkhardt & monroe
portrayed by david giuntoli & silas weir mitchell in grimm

monroe: so technically we would have to bend the truth about some things.
nick: some things? monroe, name one aspect of our relationship that we wouldn’t havae to lie about.
monroe: you’re right. All the time we’ve spent together. all the sneaking around. god, suddenly it just seems so wrong.

i adore their relationship. i’m addicted to monroe’s humorous personality and despite being a blutbad, he has no qualms in helping nick, a grimm. when i first saw the show, i’d never expected monroe to be a permanent helping aid to nick (i thought nick’s aunt would have survived the attack) but well, i couldn’t be more surprised. the series is just adorable, really.

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2012’s top 5 new otps => travis marks & wes (wesley) mitchell
portrayed by michael ealy & warren kole in common law (usa network)

police officer: i thought you two (travis & wes) broke up?
travis: we are in couple counselling.
police officer: yea right…for real?
travis: we want to find the magic again.
police officer: does that work?
police officer: how do you work with this guy (wes)?
travis: one therapist says it’s because i’m attracted to abusive relationships.

my newest guilty pleasure of 2012. most of the time, travis and west can’t help but clash due to differences in opinions and yet, they are able to work perfectly in sync when circumstances ask for it. each episode starts with a mandatory couple counselling’s session they have to go through to remain on the job. adorable and hilarious, hope it carries through to the second season.

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