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MOVIE MEME {a movie that makes you cry every time}
Kal Ho Naa Ho (Tomorrow Might Never Come) 2003
starring shahrukh khan, saif ali khan & preity zinta
a Bollywood film.

so what do you want me to do? tell her the truth? when you can’t even face the truth after knowing everything, how will naina bear it? what do i do, mom? what do i say? how do i say that for the first time, this heart is beating for someone, is breathing for someone’s name? for the first time, this heart has loved someone. how do i say, naina, the love from this heart is very strong but the heart itself is very weak. how do i give her a weak heart, mom? how do i tell her that the girl in the photograph is not my wife but a friend, my doctor who’s fighting day and night just to keep me alive for a few more days? i’m dying, mom.

 - aman mathur (shahrukh khan) about his reason to keep his love for naina a secret

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    Favorite movie EVER. Ever ever ever. I love it and recommend it soo much if you want to bawl your eyes out every time u...
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