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One day, you will wake up and see that it’s for nothing. Oh yes, the world is saved for yet another day of mischief by an unknown villain. Bullets and knives will exchange hands and the world calls out your name, thanking you for a job well-done. You breathe it in and it propels you towards tomorrows. It’s all you have ever dreamt of. The country (world) you have sworn to protect from harm. You’ll bring the villains down on their knees, chasing the evil with your bright light of justice.

But one day, you will wake up to nothing.

You will turn to your side in bed and watch the sheet cools under the air of spring. There will be no note but that is proof enough. He’s not going to wait for you anymore. His brilliance that once dots your world is gone in a poof. He has been hurt by yet another figure he wholeheartedly loves. But he wouldn’t survive this one, that’s for sure. He has built himself an armour of steel but it’s not enough for the battlefield of love.

Because you’ve pierced his heart while trying to save the world.

And that is why, it is all for nothing. Because as much as the world has gained the loyalty of a superhero, they will never realize that it is purchased at a hefty price. And you, you realize it all too late. Just like you always do.

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